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The Ebook The Count of Monte Cristo (Penguin Classics) is available and you can read the article below on how you can download it online using no money. Alexandre Dumas père has wrote this perfect ebook The Count of Monte Cristo (Penguin Classics). If you like the copy available on this site, we would really appreciate you to go buy an online copy on Amazon too. Which would benefit the author Alexandre Dumas père. The details are listed in the below table with download link in the bottom.

Book Title The Count of Monte Cristo (Penguin Classics)
Written By Alexandre Dumas père
Brand Penguin Books
Price $10.87
Discount as of Jun 15,2018 10:56:44 UTC $16.00 - $10.87

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Download The Count of Monte Cristo (Penguin Classics) Pdf, Epub, Mobi

The Count of Monte Cristo (Penguin Classics) book is written by Alexandre Dumas père. It is a very enlightening book, The book may be available to download in epub, pdf, mobi formats. here we look into the description of the book below

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“On what slender threads do life and fortune hang.” Nominated as one of America’s best-loved novels by PBS’s The Great American Read

Thrown in prison for a crime he has not committed, Edmond Dantes is confined to the grim fortress of If. There he learns of a great hoard of treasure hidden on the Isle of Monte Cristo and he becomes determined not only to escape, but also to unearth the treasure and use it to plot the destruction of the three men responsible for his incarceration. Dumas’ epic tale of suffering and retribution, inspired by a real-life case of wrongful imprisonment, was a huge popular success when it was first serialized in the 1840s.

Robin Buss’s lively English translation is complete and unabridged, and remains faithful to the style of Dumas’s original. This…

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