Book Title Authority: A Novel (The Southern Reach Trilogy)
Written By Jeff VanderMeer
Brand Jeff VanderMeer
Price $15.00
Discount as of Mar 28,2018 06:03:30 UTC $15.00

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Authority: A Novel (The Southern Reach Trilogy) book is written by Jeff VanderMeer. It is a very enlightening book, The book may be available to download in epub, pdf, mobi formats. here we look into the description of the book below

After thirty years the only human engagement with Area X a seemingly malevolent landscape surrounded by an invisible border and mysteriously wiped clean of all signs of civilization has been as series of expeditions overseen by a government agency so secret it has almost been forgotten the Southern Reach Following the tumultuous twelfth expedition chronicled in Annihilation the agency is in complete disarray John Rodrigues aka Control is the Southern Reach s newly appointed head Working with a distrustful but desperate team a series of frustrating interrogations a cache of hidden notes and hours of profoundly troubling video footage Control begins to penetrate the secrets of Area X But with each discovery he must confront disturbing truths about himself and the agency he s pledged to…

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